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Tribute to Priests

Rev. Arul Amalraj, O. Praem.; Ordained May 10, 1990

Rev. Michael J. Lee, O. Praem.; Ordained May 16, 1970

Rev. T. Christopher Redcay; Ordained May 20, 1989
Fr. Paul Scalia; Ordained May 18, 1996
Fr. Philip Wolfe, FSSP; Ordained June 30, 2001
In gratitude from Travis, Charity, Brice and Kendra Twitchell.
"If a parish priest doesn't want to be damned, and if there is any loose living in his parish,
he must spurn the very thought of public opinion and the fear of being despised or
hated by his parishioners. Even if he were certain of being lynched when he came down
from the pulpit, that must not stop him from speaking out against it." St. Jean M Vianney

Fr. Scott W Allen, FSSP; ordained June 29, 1990
Fr. Philip Gerard Johnson; Ordained January 7, 2017
Pray for my vocation and soul.

Rev. John Zuhlsdorf; Ordained May 26, 1991

Rev. Robert G. Duch; Ordained May 9, 1964
Put your gifts at the service of one another. (1 Peter 4:10)

Father Paul N Check; Ordained May 24, 1997

Rev. D. B. Thompson; Ordained May 26th, 2012
"Quid retribuam Domino?" --Ps 115:12

Father Joseph Terra; Ordained June 24, 1989

Msgr. Richard J Schuler, OSB obl
Ordained August 18, 1945; Died April 20, 2007

Fr. Joseph Heffernan, FSSP; Ordained May 31, 2014
from a NAM parishioner

Fr. Joseph Terra, FSSP; Ordained June 24, 1989
In gratitude, Rob and Terri O'Halloran.

Fr. Edward K Fisher, Ordained August 22, 1992
Fr. Fisher, thank you for your service and working so hard to foster the
Traditional Latin Mass at Blessed Sacrament Church in Memphis, TN.

Father Edmund A Castronovo; Ordained May 8, 1976

Most Reverend Robert W Finn
Priestly Ordination July 7, 1979; Episcopal Ordination May 3, 2004

Fr. Andrew Mattingly; Ordained June, 27, 2015

Fr. Elias Gieske; Ordained June 21, 2013
In honor and thanksgiving for our parish priest.

Fr. Adrian Debow, FSSP; Ordained May 26, 2017
May the Lord bless your priesthood. - from a NAM parishioner

Fr. Jeremy Mohler; Ordained June 27, 2015, Diocese of Pittsburgh

Fr. Zachary Romanowsky; Ordained May 4, 2007

Father Timothy Draper; Ordained May 19, 2012; Pax in Agno

Rev. Jason Weber; Ordained June 12, 2010

Fr. Alex Stewart, FSSP; Ordained June 17, 2017

Father Donald Libby, ordained Jul 16, 2005; Father Gonzalo Viaña Leupold, MC, ordained December 9, 2006; and Father Mark Desser, ordained May 1, 2011.

Rev Fr Brendan J Buckler; Ordained June 4, 2011
Virgo Potens Ora pro me

Rev Fr John Marcus Berg, FSSP; Ordained Sept 6, 1997
"In this world you will have distress: but have
confidence, I have overcome the world." Jn 16:33

Father Michael John Carlson, June 22, 2019
Diocese of Charlotte

Rev. Fr. Caleb Insco, FSSP, Ordained October 22, 2016
God bless your priesthood and Our Lady keep you! - A NAM parishioner

Rev. Daniel Kluge; Ordained May 16, 2015
With gratitude from OLMC FSSP parishioners, Littleton, Colorado

Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke; Ordained June 29, 1975
In gratitude for his unwavering service to his flock.
Beata Virgo Maria, defende eum.

Rev. Nick Schneider; Ordained June 29, 2009
In gratitude for his unwavering service to his flock.
Beata Virgo Maria, defende eum.

Rev. Randal Kasel; Ordained May 28, 2005
In gratitude for his unwavering service to his flock.
Beata Virgo Maria, defende eum.
Father Gordon J. MacRae; June 5, 1982, Disciple of Christ.
In thanksgiving for the priesthood of Father Gordon J.
MacRae, from the William J. Keppner Family.

Fr. John Kelly

Fr. Christopher Smith, STD; Ordained July 23, 2005

Rev. John J. Hornicak; Ordained June 7, 2003

Msgr. Brian Patrick Coghlan; Ordained May 1, 1963 Thank you.

Fr. Santino J. Fanucci; Ordained on May 31, 1958
In thanksgiving for personal catechesis and baptism.

Father Francis J Corry; Ordained 1974, died Sept 26, 2015.

Fr. Edmund Castronovo; Ordained May 8, 1976
We are so grateful for your unwavering care for the souls of all your parishioners.

Father Frank Marincel; Ordained June 1, 1958
in Duluth, MN for Diocese of Duluth. Deceased parents are Nikola and Helen Marincel from Lika, Croatia; siblings Sister Margaret Marincel, OSB and brother Joseph.

Rev. Brian Kelly; Ordained May 7, 1977
A true servant of Jesus Christ.

Fr. Ariel A Valencia; Ordained May 17, 2003
I admire Fr. Ariel, he has touched my heart. I thank God for him. A smile comes to my
face when I think of the lucky souls who are yet to be served by him. I hope the
Benedictines of Mary will be blessed by him one day. Anonymous

Father Paul N Check; Ordained May 24, 1997

Fr. Paul Scalia; Ordained May 18, 1996

Reverend Kyle M Berens; Ordained May 30, 2015
With love from: parents, Bernie and Carolyn; brother, Scott; and niece, Hallie.

Fr. Roch J Drozdzik; Ordained June 22, 1996

Fr. Sylvester Kwiatkowski; Ordained June 1, 1989;
The priesthood is the love of the Heart of Jesus. - St. Jean Vianney

Fr. David Carr; Diocese of Louisville, KY

Father Jason Weber; Ordained June 12, 2010

Rev. Fr. Peter T. Bauknecht, FSSP;
Ordained to the Sacred Priesthood May 22, 2010

Please pray for the soul of Father James Ennis,
Pastor of St. Andrew Roman Catholic Church in
Sag Harbor, NY during the 1950's, a valiant, faithful priest.

Rev. Fr. James L. P. Miara; Ordained May 19, 2001

Fr. Arnaud Evrat; Ordained June 10, 2006.
May his priestly heart burn with flames of love for God and zeal for souls. May he ever be sanctified and vivified by Christ's Precious Blood. May he lead his flock to Eternal Life!

Father Martin Rangel-Garcia; Ordained May 26, 2018

Fr. Kenneth John Walker, FSSP
Ordained May 19, 2012; Died June 11, 2014

Rev. Dennis M Di Benedetto; Ordained June 3, 2017

Rev. Msgr. William E Beibel, Diocese of Erie (PA)
Born November 23, 1936; Ordained May 31, 1962; Died September 23, 2016

Fr. Michael W Magiera, FSSP; Ordained May 21, 2005
My gratitude for celebrating Patti and my 50th Wedding Anniversary and
for being the celebrant at Patti's Funeral Mass on July 16, 2015. ~ Brian P Bammel

Father Andrew Bulso; Ordained June 12, 2015
"The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord let His face shine upon you and give you peace."

Father Jeffrey Joseph Walker; Ordained June 22, 2013
Father touches the lives of so many people, and has a special gift for keeping the young,
and young-at-heart, engaged in the faith. Thank you! Ricardo and Sarah Romero

Father Kevin Drew; Ordained May 19, 2012
A Good Shepherd

In memory of Rev. Father L J Trapp

Fr. Ryan Koster; Ordained May 23, 2015
With gratitude from Dr. Timothy J Curry and Susan Curry.

Rev. Patrick F Barvick; Ordained May 29, 2010
A Priest of Christ Forever. In thanksgiving to God for your vocation
- Dad, Mom, Dominic, Erin, Nick, Kim, Joe, Allie, G T and Susan.

Most Reverend Robert W Finn
Priestly Ordination July 7, 1979; Episcopal Ordination May 3, 2004
Thank you for bringing the Benedictines of Mary,
Queen of Apostles, to the Kansas City - St. Joseph Diocese

Very Rev. Richard E. Harvey; Ordained May 19, 1951; Died January 18, 2005
"You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that you should
go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain." John 15:16

Rev. Fr. John J. Fongemie, FSSP; Ordained June 23, 2001
In honor and thanksgiving.

Rev. Fr. Justin Nolan, FSSP; Ordained May 30, 2008
In thanksgiving.

Rev. Fr. Jonathan Heinricy, FSSP; Ordained May 26, 2017
In gratitude.

Rev. Michael Peter Daly; Ordained May 28, 2016

Rev. Michael Liliedahl; Ordained June 10, 2017

Most Rev. George Lucas
Priestly Ordination May 24, 1975; Episcopal Ordination December 14, 1999

Rev. Patrick Driscoll; Ordained May 24, 2008

Most Reverend Alexander K. Sample
Priestly Ordination June 1, 1990; Episcopal Ordination January 25, 2006

Fr. Louis Farley; Ordained May 28, 2011
He who honors a priest honors Christ; he who
insults a priest insults Christ. ~ St. John Chrysostom

Thank you for being our teacher.

Fr. Terrence Gordon, FSSP; Ordained June 3, 2006
John 19:27 "Behold thy Mother"
In gratitude from the Nolle Family

Very Rev. Francis M. de Rosa, V.F.; Ordained May 17, 1997
as a priest of the Arlington, VA Diocese

Fr. Augustine DeNoble, OSB; Ordained May 19, 1955
Monk of Mt. Angel Abbey

Fr. Jerome Young, OSB; Ordained December 8, 1986
Monk of Mt. Angel Abbey

Fr. Alfred Baca; Ordained June 10, 1989
Diocese of Orange

Fr. Anthony Mastroeni; Ordained May 27, 1972;
Diocese of Paterson

Fr. Bryan F.J. Adamcik SFO, KHS; Ordained May 25, 1996
Archdiocese of Newark

Fr. James J. Gordon, FSSP; Ordained May 22, 2004
2 Cor 12:15, In thanksgiving from the Seltzer family

Father Joseph Fishwick, Archd of Miami; Ordained 1975
Itaquae fratres, state: et tenete, traditiones quas didicistis.

Fr. Alex Kreidler - In thanksgiving for your sacred priesthood

Fr. Matthew Bartulica - In thanksgiving for your sacred priesthood

Father Bjorn Lundberg; Ordained June 10, 2006
Pastor Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Winchester, VA
May Our Lord continue to bless and keep you ~ Love, Mom & Dad

Fr. Joseph Cisetti; Ordained June 1, 1991
The Paine Family is deeply grateful for all that you do.

Rev. Mark Mullaney; Ordained June 7, 2003

Fr. Andrew Rockers; Ordained May 30, 2015
Mary, Queen of the Clergy, pray for us.

Fr. John McCusker, OSB; Ordained Sept 12, 2015

Fr. James D. Stoney
Ordained May 31, 1958; Died October 16, 1977; Hebrews 7:17
from Col. (USA, Ret.) and Mrs. George M Beshenich & Family

Fr. Phil Wolfe, FSSP
Ordained June 30, 2001; Gal. 2:20
from Col. (USA, Ret.) and Mrs. George M Beshenich & Family

Fr. Jose Alberto Vazquez
Ordained July 13, 2002

Father Michael Carlson
To be Ordained June 22, 2020.
His great "Yes" to Our Lord

A priest by the grace of Jesus Christ,
the great High Priest. November 27, 1993.

Father Frank Phillips

Father Michael Carlson
Ordained June 21, 2019
God bless you Father for your great "Yes" to Our Lord and Our Lady
Rev. Clayton Gould; Ordained June 27, 1981

Father Richard Wallace; Ordained May 28, 2018

Rev. John Zuhlsdorf; Ordained May 26, 1991

Fr. Joseph Hearty; Ordained June 14, 2003.
In thanksgiving for my Priestly Vocation on the occasion of my fifteenth year of Ordination.

Fr. Phil Vincent Dumanacal
Ordained June 9, 2017

Father Lou Farley
Ordained May 28, 2011
From the men of 6:30 am Mass at Christ the King,
in thanks for our holy, humble priest

Fr. David C. Downey
Ordained May 24, 2003
In gratitude and for the gift of perseverance and good health

Father Stephen Helferty, June 24, 2017

Fr. Thomas Lawler, SJ

Fr. Philip Johnson, Fr. Joseph Clemente,
Msgr. Joseph Champlain and Msgr. Eugene Yennok

Rev. John Zuhlsdorf; Ordained May 26, 1991

Father Joseph Totton; St. Ann Parish; Plattsburg, MO

Rev. Samuel Bagyo Jr; Ordained May 23, 2015
Thanksgiving for your blessings and graces to preserve.
Truly a priest of Jesus Christ. Ted and Mary Ann

Very Rev. Fr. Jonathan Kalisch, OP; Ordained May 23, 2003
With Love from Mom and Dad.

Deceased chaplains of Thomas Aquinas College:
Fr. Thomas Dome, CRIC; Fr. Pasquale Veloso, CRIC; Fr. Charles, CRIC;
Fr. Chris, CRIC; Fr. Thaddeus, CRIC, Fr. Cornilus Buckley, SJ;
Fr. Paul, OP; Fr. David, OPraem; Fr. Michael Perez, OPraem.

Father John Bustamante

Fr. Fasano and Fr. Beres (pastor and former associate at St. John the Baptist
parish in Front Royal, VA); Fr. Daniel Heenan, FSSP; and Fr. Wilberto Reyes.

Fr. Andrew Mattingly; Ordained June, 27, 2015

In gratitude for Fr. James Jackson, Fr. Daniel Nolan and
Fr. Caleb Kick of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter.

For my son, Deacon Richard Aubol who will be ordained to the priesthood on
June 15, 2019 - for his protection and strengthening of faith and love for Jesus.

Fr. Ryan Pruess; Ordained May 19, 2012
With love, Richard and Julie Petersen.

In honor of Rev. Timothy Grassi and Rev. Leo McDowell
With love, Richard and Julie Petersen.

Fr. Charles C Smith

Fr. Seán Michael Connolly; Ordained May 23, 2015

Fr. Timothy Castor; Ordained June 8, 2001
from J. M. Barnes

In honor of Fr. Day, by Don Heisserer

Rev. John Zuhlsdorf; Ordained May 26, 1991

Msgr. W. M. J. Blacett

Rev. Nicholas P. N. Lubelfeld; Ordained June 3, 1979
Non enim nosmetipsos prædicamus, sed Jesum Christum
Dominum nostrum: nos autem servos vestros per Jesum (2 Cor 4:5).

In honor of Father Andrew J Mattingly.

Fr. Thomas Naidu; Ordained Dec 21, 2003
In gratitude for your priesthood

Fr. John Mitchell; Ordained May 18, 2013
In gratitude for your priesthood

Fr. William Young of San Francisco
In gratitude for your priesthood

Father Stan Klauck

Fr. Michael Grzesik; Ordained May 16, 2015

Fr. Graham Keep, Diocese of London

Fr. John Johnson, Diocese of London

Fr. Robert Gorman; May 31, 1980; In thanksgiving

Fr. Caleb Insco, FSSP Ordained October 22, 2016.
In gratitude on behalf of our Lady, Rosa Mystica. A NAM Family

Fr. David Angelino, June 6, 2015
Thank you for guiding our family in Christ!

Bishop Paul Sirba
Ordained Bishop of Duluth, MN, Dec. 14, 2009

Entered into eternal rest Dec. 1, 2019. Requiescat in pace.

Rev. Canon Ryan Post; July, 4, 2019
In Thanksgiving.

Fr. Anthony Amato
In thanksgiving for your faithful priesthood.

Fr. Peter Van Lieshout
In thanksgiving for your faithful priesthood.

Rev. Robert Wedow
Ordained on June 9th, 2001.
May the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, protect him always.

Father Benjamin Armentrout
May 29, 2021
We give thanks be to God for your priesthood!

+Father Dominique Bourmaud
Ordained June 29, 1981
Passed this life on September 4, 2021. Requiescat In Pace.

St. Pio of Pietrelcina
Ordained August 10, 1910

Fr. John Grant, Ordained June 30, 2012
Pastor of two parishes and extra assignments to Diocese of Tulsa