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Welcome to Our Vestment Shop!

Welcome to Our Vestment Shop!


In our prayerful support for priests, we desire to assist them in a very tangible way by the hand-crafting of vestments, priestly apparel, sacred linens and altar cloths. We use the finest materials available, primarily pure silks and Belgian Linen, in order to give the best of God’s creation back to Him, and for the restoration of beauty to the altars where He dwells among us.

Carried out in the Benedictine spirit of silence, each stitch is a prayer for the sanctification of the priest who will be using our vestments.

Due to the contemplative nature of our life, we devote approximately five hours of the day to work. During that time we attend to all matters of ordinary farm and household maintenance in addition to our sewing.

Orders Placed Now Will Be Completed in March of 2025.


We make it a priority to complete orders as soon as possible, but the demand is very high, custom work is time consuming, and it is important that we maintain the proper balance of prayer and work in our monastic schedule. 

Please expect to wait about a year for your order.

All items are made to order – we do not have anything in stock, even small items. 

In all fairness, we have adopted a first-come, first-served policy.

Because we use such high quality textiles, the cost is heavily affected. Some priests, especially newly-ordained, find their own benefactors to fund the making of a vestment. To accommodate this, memorial or acknowledgment tags can easily be sewn into copes, chasubles or dalmatics. We also offer flexible payment plans.

We do ask a 50% downpayment before your order is begun so that we can ensure that we have the necessary materials.


If you do not see your desired article or materials on our site, please contact us for possible execution and/or price estimates.


We wish also to especially acknowledge the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood of O’Fallon, Missouri. By the generosity of their Ecclesiastical Arts department, many of our sewing sisters have become heirs to their rich heritage of learning and their machines used for so many years. Many of the motifs featured on our website are crafted by the O’Fallon Sisters or based on their designs.

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