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Motifs: Descriptions & Care Instructions

A Motif is a decorative picture that usually goes on the front or back of a chasuble. It may also be put on humeral veils, vimpae, or the hood of a cope. We offer many different kinds of motifs, many of which can be color coordinated to the vestment.

Please note that the metallic threads and/or paint used in their construction make most of the motifs susceptible to damage when the vestment is dry-cleaned. It would be ideal to remove the motif before dry-cleaning or at least have the dry cleaner spot clean the garment or cover the motif.

Motifs A1-A5 are made by the sisters with a digital embroidery machine. We color coordinate the motif ($100) to match the vestment. Besides the designs pictured, it is also an option to make a custom designed motif($100-$200) in this style.

Motifs C1-C5 are handpainted by the sisters on canvas ($300). It is also an option to make a custom designed motif in this style($300-$400).

Motifs OF1-OF15 are made by the O’Fallon Sisters of the Precious Blood and by our sisters. These are made with old embroidery machines and are sometimes hand embroidered as well ($150-$200). A custom motif in this style is also an option ($175-$250).

Motifs L#38-1000 are digitally embroidered motifs purchased from our supplier.

We also can make custom motifs that are hand embroidered with silk, hand painted motifs on silk, appliqué, digital embroidery or a mixture of these. Please inquire for exact pricing, as it would be determined by size and complexity of design.

Mixture of digital embroidery, appliqué, and paint $400-500
Combination Motifs #2 is an example of this kind of motif.

Mixture of paint and hand embroidery: $500-$600
Combination Motifs #1,3, 4 & 5 are examples of this kind of motif.

All hand embroidered with silk : Small/simple motif ($300-$500)
Medium/slightly complex motif ($500-$800)
Large/complex motif ($800-$1000)
See O’Fallon Motifs #OF8 and Hand-Embroidered Motifs #1-5 for examples.