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Pleated w/ Insert lace 712
Gathered No Lace
Gathered w/ Non-Insert Lace 710
Gathered w/ Non-Insert Lace 700
Gathered w/ Non-Insert Lace 703 and 704
Pleated w/ Insert Lace 701
Gathered No Lace, W/ Ties
Suggested Contribution: See options for details.

Please note that we recommend dry cleaning for albs and surplices, especially if they are pleated and/or have lace. However, the linen, cotton and wool are all washable. If you select the black cuff option it must be removed before each washing. If you choose two different sizes of a lace design for the skirt and sleeves, we recommend that the wider size be on the skirt.
List price: See options for details.
Suggested Contribution: See options for details.
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