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Manual Labor

A means of restoring our innocence, labor-plant.png manual labor is essential for combating vice and cultivating virtue “so that by the labor of obedience you might return to Him from Whom by the sloth of disobedience you fell.” (Prologue of the Holy Rule)

Appointed hours of work are for the shared responsibilities of domestic chores (cleaning, cooking, gardening, farm work, etc.) carried out in a spirit of silence, so as to foster union with God in prayer.

The labor of our hands—other than the aforesaid work for the upkeep of the Abbey—is devoted to the service of Our Lord in His priest as he carries out his three-fold mission of governing, instructing and sanctifying souls. It is our great privilege to serve Our Lord in this way by making vestments, albs, surplices, and altar linens for the glory of the altar and the sublime Sacrifice of the Mass.