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St. Andrew's Chasuble

Title Suggested Contribution
Brocade, Embroidered Orphrey, A2 Motif Black Chasuble (Brocade, Dupioni, or Wool) See options for pricing.
Gold w/ Burgundy Lining, Velvet Orphrey and L#B.113 Gold Brocade Chasuble See options for pricing.
Custom Motif and Custom Orphrey Gold Brocade Chasuble (Marian) See options for pricing.
Burgundy lining, gold cording, L448 Orphrey, L1000 Motif Green (Emerald) Brocade Chasuble $1,065.00
With 1103 Orphrey Green (Olive) Brocade Chasuble $1,065.00
With Embroidered Orphrey Green Dupioni Chasuble $625.00
With 1102 Orphrey and A2 Motif Red Brocade Chasuble $1,065.00
With 448 Orphrey Red Dupioni Chasuble $625.00
With Embroidered Orphrey and A3 Motif Red Wool Chasuble $545.00
With 1102 Orphrey Rose Brocade Chasuble $1,065.00


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