Colwich Abbey

Reviving and Restoring
A Benedictine Monastery in England

A New Chapter In our Community's History

International Expansion

As our community has continued to receive many vocations, including ones from abroad, the Abbey had been considering establishing another house for the Lord. While different options were under consideration, we were not thinking of any location outside America. But our international Sisters’ visas were placed in jeopardy by new US regulations, so Sisters had to take refuge in England. A family offered them a temporary home in Staffordshire, little realizing that a permanent solution was practically at their doorstep.

The Sisters discovered that fifteen miles away, St. Mary’s Abbey in Colwich was for sale. A week after their arrival, the Sisters visited the Abbey grounds, and were quite taken by the buildings, the historical value of the place, and its rural setting. With a formal invitation from the Archbishop, it became clear the Lord wanted the Benedictines of Mary to stay in Staffordshire, and to do all in their power to restore Colwich Abbey to its former glory.


Under the Protection
of the Immaculate

When our Sisters landed in the UK, their first stop was to St. Paul’s in London to offer the Holy Rosary. The new house is under the patronage of the Immaculate Conception, and they know that St. Paul and all the holy martyrs of England will assist them in their missionary endeavor in England, traditionally called “Our Lady’s Dowry”. It was no surprise to learn that Colwich Abbey is properly called St. Mary’s, and that the towns around them are closely associated with the martyrs of the persecution.

Learning the rich history of Colwich Abbey, we discovered that the founders included three great-great-granddaughters of St. Thomas More, who gathered in 1623 at Cambrai, Flanders after the dissolution of the English monasteries in the 1500s. They then reestablished themselves in Paris under Dame Bridget More, where they suffered through the French Revolution until they were deported back to their homeland. They finally settled in an 18th Century house at the edge of Cannock Chase, the beautiful forest historically used for royal hunts. Due to dwindling numbers, the Abbey was put up for sale in 2020. 

It is our great hope and desire that our community can revive monastic life in this beautiful and historic sanctuary. Until then the Sisters have already brought the Benedictine ora et labora to the Midlands, and we await God’s timing for the next step in this exciting endeavor.

Restoring and Conserving
A Historic Sanctuary

Visiting Colwich revealed much work to be done, and the Sisters will shoulder as much repair and restoration work as they can possibly undertake themselves. They are used to hard work! Helping hands are on the way, as our community receives vocation inquiries every single day. And since word has spread about this possibility, the European inquiries have grown considerably! Over time, they will be welcoming more and more Sisters to our English house as space is prepared and restored.

Nevertheless, it is clear that Sisters will need to engage professional laborers, and the order is already financially engaged in two building projects in the United States. The “surprise English Foundation” in Colwich will hopefully receive generous financial backing from within their new home in England and nearby Europe. However, in the end, we know it is going to be an international network of grace and support that will see this project through.

There is first the £2.5 Million purchase that will be due to Stanbrook Abbey for the acquisition of the Colwich Abbey and grounds. Next, there will be the expenses of repairing and updating the building, which will be quite extensive. It will also be necessary to furnish the Abbey, as nearly all its contents were put up for auction a few years ago. Purchasing and installing a high altar in the church and making accommodations for the faithful to assist at Mass will be the final expenditures needed for preparing the Abbey. This brings the total cost to at least £4 Million.

Help Support
this New Endeavor!

Any gift or pledge, large or small will ensure the success of this exciting project to re-establish Colwich Abbey and found an international house for the Benedictines of Mary.

Until the community has established itself as a non-profit organization in England, all gifts may be made to the founding Abbey in the USA. Please note “Colwich” in the notes box to designate your gift.

Payments can be made by credit card online, check in USD, or bank wire. If you are making a large gift, please consider a wire transfer to avoid processing fees. Our EIN number is 20-4450092 and the mailing address of the Abbey is below.

Perhaps you may consider leaving the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles in your will, or you can tell others about this endeavor to reopen this ancient house of prayer.

We are grateful for any gift, large or small!

Please spread the word about this exciting project!

As England has always been known as “Our Lady’s Dowry” 

please join us in prayer that we may restore this little portion to her!

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