Silk brocade has a design woven into the silk. This is the most costly option. Silk dupioni, or raw silk, is also 100% silk but has a less finished weave and no design. The silk dupioni and wool blend are less expensive options. The unlined wool is a good, inexpensive option for travel sets because it is less bulky and requires less care.

Because many options (e.g. lining or motifs) vary according to color, we have put different color vestments on different pages. Sometimes it was also necessary to put different fabrics of the same color on separate pages. Please note that the vestments pictured on these pages are meant to provide a general example of style and quality. They may not represent in every detail the current product options.

ImageNameSuggested ContributionAdd to cart
Black Cope (Brocade, Dupioni or Wool)See options.
n/aGold Brocade Cope$1,510.00
n/aGold Brocade Cope (Marian)$1,510.00
Green (Emerald) Brocade Cope$1,270.00
n/aGreen (Olive) Brocade Cope$1,270.00
n/aGreen Dupioni Cope$710.00
Red Cope (Brocade)$1,270.00
n/aRed Cope (Dupioni and Wool)See options.
n/aRose Cope (Brocade or Dupioni)See options.
Violet Cope (Brocade, Dupioni or Wool)See options.
White Cope (Brocade, Dupioni or Wool)See options.
Marian Tudor Rose BrocadeWhite Marian Cope (Brocade, Dupioni or Wool)See options.


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